Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Back Yard

What a beautiful a day it turned out to be, albeit a little chilly inside. Nicer outside in the sun. I live on a barrier island just west of St. Petersburg, FL. I am two blocks from the beach and two blocks from the Intercoastal Waterway. When I first came here (I followed the love of my life here from Connecticut . . . story to come at a later date!), Madeira Beach was a nice mix of commercial fishermen and lifer's on the east side of the boulevard and the tourists in condo's on the west side (aka beach side) of the boulevard. That was 20 years ago. Having been here that long, and in the same house for going on 11 years, I have seen the sad effects of overpopulation and lack of respect for the environment right in my back yard. But I'll stay down off my soap box for now and share some photo's from my back yard. Mind you, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am a greenhorn when it comes to digital cameras - my previous experience has been with the disposible kind. But these did come out pretty good for a newbie. Take a look:

Bought this birdhouse on our way to Tennessee for Christmas. What a fun road trip that was! At my insistance we drove Hwy. 441 all the way. Not exactly a blue highway, but two lane most of the way. The birdhouse was purchased from a country man (oh if I had had this camera then) who was selling his wares from the back of his truck in front of a little grocery store. Cost me $7 and I still think I got the best of the deal. There are little tufts of moss, which I was told is dear moss, and a ledge to the doorway. Unhappily, none of the birds have come to claim it. I'm thinking of putting up a sign . . .
My first attempt of starting from seed. The pepper plant that was in here from last year blessed me with just one little pepper.

So I threw some parsley seed in the soil (after I plucked the pepper plant) and they actually grew! The marigolds were an afterthought, and I kind of thought it would be too cold for them, but ever since the sun started getting warmer, they are thriving. And looking beyong the parsley are two basil seedlings. I am encouraged.

This is the view from my backdoor. The huge tree back there is a ficus (which looks more and more like the banyan tree I saw during one of my computer searches. I' m still amazed that it hasn't pushed over the gazebo/arbor/whatever you call it, although it is pushing it's weight against the top. The Christmas cactus on the table was a gift in exchange for Thanksgiving dinner this year. One of my favorite holidays to cook for, and I was given a 20 lb. turkey so we invited some of our fishermen friends who had nowhere else to go.

Another blessing. I must have done something right here cuz these are my arugula (on the left) and lettuce seedlings.

I am starting cheap this season, the seeds are from the grocery store, the dirt is plain old potting soil with some seed starter and cow manure thrown in. Once I get more confident, I will move up the scale. Just a note here, Susan over at is writing a cookbook. For those that aren't familiar with Susan, please give her blog a visit. She is a delight, and is one who is partially esponsible for my newfound blog addiction. One more picture . .

My 'maters. I had terrible luck last year with the few I tried to grow. Kept getting infested with these tine green worms. Not sure if they were tomatoe hornworms or not because I couldn't find any pictures of what I had anywhere. I know that they didn't have the "horn" like the ones I saw, but they weren't nearly that big either. Undaunted, though, I'm trying again, but my placement will be in the front.
Well, that's about all today. Sure hope someone happens upon my blog to visit soon. See ya'!

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