Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sometimes . . .

Back when I was a kid there was a poster with (I think) a gorilla with a serious expression on his face (kind of like that kitten hanging from a branch by his front paws with the caption "hang in there) - and the caption on this poster said "sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits". This has sort of become my mantra, especially on those quiet weekends and weekday evenings.  And so, to help myself feel that I'm not just wasting time sitting, I have been knitting. More on that another time. Because, that February that seemed so far away in January of 2009, is actually here. Now. And so it begins:

On February 11 I can file for Social Security. I was given a tip from a friend to put May 12th as my retire date. That way, I should get my first check in June. But, then what? I have already told my boss that I would stay until the 1st of July, to finish out the fiscal year with her. And after that, well, I just don't know.

I really, really want to go visit those I haven't seen for awhile. My kids in Tennessee, my sister in Pennsylvania, and my dear friends in Maine. And, I want to drive and take Dixie and perhaps even Angel.

That requires the purchase of a car. Not a new car, but the best older car I can find. The part about that that scares me is that I will be doing it all by myself. Oh, I do research, trust me. "The Ten Most Important Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car", etc. And, if I find something I like on Craigslist, I research year, make, and model as well. But the decision now will be solely mine. Because -

I have no one to answer to anymore except myself.


That realization is an eyeopener. And is just now occurring to me. Let me say it again -

I have no one to answer to except myself.

Okay, now I have to "sits and thinks" so I can absorb this new idea.

End of post - will write more later! K


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This wonderful and talented lady is gone. Today March 4th I lost an
amazing friend.
Rest in peace Kathryn you gave
much to me.


Anonymous said...

Kathryn Conant
(nee) Kathryn Sue Reed
May 11, 1948 - March 4, 2010

My beloved lil' sis. I am so proud and amazed at all you accomplished in your life. Now sail away with Steve and DOG and be at peace. I will always miss you and love you.

Big sis