Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh the Wells Fargo wagon is a comin' down the street . . .

I don't know about you all, but I just love getting things in the mail. Especially things that surprise and amaze me. I must admit that I hate going out to shop - the crowds, the parking, the traffic - all tend to make me not want to go even when it is necessary, like grocery shopping. Although, if I could order those online I probably would.

But I just love online shopping! And when I found that my Big Sis's daughter-in-law, Misty, was a candle maker and was also a contributor to the Out Of The Box web site, well, I just had to give it a try. My box arrived just a couple of days after ordering and, as promised, there were many delightful things inside:

And I've got to hand it to Michelle at Out Of The Box. I wasn't disappointed! There were many different items, all from crafters who make their own wares. There were yummy moisturizing lavender bath salts from Karlene all natural, as well as Sweet Pea and Jasmine from Divine Serenity Salts, and a little bag of aroma beads in a lovely scent called Amber (which is going to my office); a delightfully scented goat milk based soap in Almond Biscotti; and a very tiny chunk of olive oil/castille soap with a fruity scent (which I wish would have been just a little bit bigger as it went really quickly).

The pink package on the left in the picture above contained homemade marshmellows from Very Confectionate (which didn't last long and were delish!). There was a spray bottle of Lilac Body Spray from Bella Custom Blends (very nice and will surely be enjoyed). And if that wasn't enough, there were several melty/smellies: Nantucket Bay from Stone Creek Candle; Lemony Fresh and Mango Papaya from Southern Star Scents; and Winter Spice from Ugly Duckling Designs along with a full size votive soy candle in Sweet Orange and Lavender from Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe.

And that's not all! There was also a cute retro kitchen magnet "Loud Mouth Lime" from Traci's Custom Crafter Magnets and a bag of all natural Cottage Vegetable Dip Mix from Cottage Creations Company which smells wonderful and will be tried very soon.

Misty has her own site, which I have mentioned here before:

as does Out of the Box which is also with Blogspot at

All in all, the $22 including shipping was well worth the treasures inside. And I think it is a great idea to provide a place for these crafters to display their wares and especially to offer samples like these. I will surely be placing an order or two for my favorites - if and when I can decide which items are my faves. They are all wonderful and kuddos to all the wonderful crafters who contributed.

Please give Michelle's site a visit and order your very own sample from "Out Of The Box". She offers one per month and supplies are limited.

Til next time, take care. K (aka Mad Beach Maven)


Out of the Box Sampler said...

Thanks for the aweome review. so glad you liked your box!

Dani said...

I came here from Kate's and saw that you're down the beach from us. I'm in Indian Rocks. So cool to meet another local blogger. :)

Kathryn said...

Thanks so much for visiting. Good to have a "neighbor" blogger. I've been to your blog several times and have been inspired each time. Please come back again. It's always fun to get comments. All suggestions on making my blog better are cheerfully accepted. I am kind of new at this and still trying to find my "voice". Take care. K

Dani said...

Kathryn, you are so sweet! Thank you. :) I like your blog too. Do you mind if I put it on my blog list?