Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just want to say "thanks"

Soooo much rain! I saw a weather channel update that said we were more than 10 inches over our normal rain amount here is west central Florida. That's alotta rain!!!!!

My container garden has been trying to take in all that good rain water, but some faired better than others as you can see by the pictures. My poor zucchini and yellow squash leaves have had it, but the beans are setting more flowers - hooray - and my beautiful hydrangea has just blossomed! This was the poor lady who lost all (and I do mean all) of her leaves and left me feeling very sad - but my big sis, Toni, told me not to worry, that it would come back - and she was right, thank goodness! As you can see she is just full of blooms. I couldn't be happier!

The main purpose of this post is to say "Thank You" to all the blogs that I have been visiting since my discovery of this communication form, and for all of the useful information I have learned from them. It started with Martha Stewart and a show she did on blogging. After visiting her blog I checked out her list of favorite blogs and discovered:

Margaret Roach from A Way To Garden in upstate New York. She is a past garden editor of MSL and was featured on the show. Through A Way To Garden I found The Sister Project and May Dreams Garden.

Also from Martha's blog I found Deb at Smitten Kitchen, where I never fail to find some scrumptous and easy to make dish like the raspberry buttermilk cake that is featured on her site now. She just moved and is struggling to fit in to a smaller kitchen.

Through Smitten Kitchen I found Ree at Pioneer Woman and her writings on her life on a working cattle ranch. She is a delight and such a talented writer, photographer, cook, mother. Her kids are beautiful and the love and admiration she has for her husband is so refreshing. She just took a trip to New York with husband and daughters - visit her blog, I'm sure you will be delighted too. Love her recipes also.

And after looking for blogs from east Tennessee, I discovered Frances and her delightful and beautiful photos at Fairegarden whose kind and encouraging words influenced my decision to get a decent camera and to start taking photographs to record my garden progress. I keep threatening to move in to her shed, even though she tells me there is no electricity. As beautiful as her garden is I don't think it would matter.

And there is Kate and Crew at Gardening without Skills, who never fails (whether she means to or not) put a smile on my face with her musings of the goings on in her life. She's my Florida blog buddy and we are in the same planting zone.

Frances and Kate were among the first to leave comments on my blog, which is always a fun thing - knowing someone is out there actually reading (and hopefully enjoying) what I am writing about.

And then there is Rhonda at down---to---earth, whose blog from Australia is just full of useful information and instruction on living a simpler life. Her writing is so calm and direct and I'm always inspired by her ideas.

The first time I visited Susan at Farmgirl Fare and In My Kitchen Garden, I read her story on Cary the lamb (which made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time), and discovered she was living the life I had - several years ago - dreamed of living - on a 240 acre Missouri sheep farm. And while I would have leaned more toward yarn, I am still wondering how she can raise those lambs and then eat them! But I guess that is why she is living that life and I'm not. Nevertheless, she is the one who inspired my efforts to bake bread, which I discovered I really like doing. Her blogs are filled with wonderful recipes also. And her "Daily Dose of Cute" is always a pleasure. She has a collection of over 300 rocks shaped like hearts that she has found on her property.

Then there is Angry Chicken where Amy will delight you with her sewing creations (she actually makes home sewn underwear from clothing - really) as well as paper cutting projects and recipes. Always inspiring.

And I have to mention Kimchi and Whiterice and gardenpunks. These blogs I ran across by accident and have come back to them many times.

And finally, I have to add terra farmer. I went searching for a far away blog, and ended up here. Kanak lives in the north east in India. Her photos alone are worth a visit.

And I have a new blog location that I visit:

Misty is her name and her blog is filled with pretty and wonderful smelling candles and crafts. She is also my niece-in-law!

Most of these blogs are listed in my blog roll. Take a few moments and visit them. I'm sure you will be glad you did.

Again, my thanks to all of those whose blogs have inspired, entertained, instructed, and informed me. Take care 'til next time. K (aka Mad Beach Maven)

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Kate and Crew said...

Awww...thanks for the mention Kathryn!!! It's funny, you and I read many of the same blogs!! I love Farmgirl Faire and have always thought I was truly destined to run a farm somewhere - LOL. Funny since I've lived somewhat near a beach my entire life. I love SK's recipes and can't get enough of PW and her ranch lifestyle! Angry Chicken, Kimchi...all great blogs you listed! You did list a couple that I haven't heard off so I'm off to check them out today. Thanks for doing this post though - I love reading new people's blogs. That's what it's all about, right? Learning new things about new people all over the world and even becoming internet friends with some of them. It's the new-tech way to be an old-school pen pal.

And sorry to hear about your flooding too. It's very hard for vegetables to recover, but hopefully your flowers will pull through.