Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter's Past

Aretha Franklin move over - now THESE are hats!

I have no idea who these ladies are other than my ancestors and from my mother's side. But I had to save them and they are pretty old. How fancy our photos used to be.

Had a very productive two days off. Going by my "Stars/Moon/Astrological Signs" chart, Tuesday was a planting day. Started two hills of yellow crookneck squash and zucchini, thinned the carrots a little more (I abhor pulling out little tiny plants - that could be a carrot someday!) but I know is is necessary if the other guys are going to grow into the beautiful carrots on the front of the seed sack.

The tomatoe plant is totally amazing me. I might actually get some real tomatoes this time. I think moving them into the front yard has been the best thing. Last year, and the year before I had them in my back yard, and as a result suffered a losing battle with little green worms. I searched and searched the internet to find out what these little buggers were, and the only one I came up with was the Tomatoe Hornworm. Could not find what they looked like when they were small - apparently they just appear as these big, ugly caterpillers with horns that spit at you or bite you or something. But that is not what I had. My Big Sis tells me that they fall out of the trees - and somehow they know not to fall until there is a tomatoe plant beneath them! Whatever, I am still keeping a close watch on my babymater.

I also stuck some more beans in the planter. As I mentioned in the last post, I cheated and planted the beans the day after plant day and one strange looking bean came up (out of 6). So we'll just test the theory of the chart.

Also started some herbs. Chives, oregano, rosemary, and also some onions.

And now, on to the subject of this post:

I borrowed a scanner from the neighbors so I could put my collection of old family photos on my computer. While I was doing this, I discovered several pictures that must have been taken at Easter as everyone in the pictures is "dressed". As a little background I come from a family (mother's side) of hand crafters. My great-grandmother was a quilter. I remember her stacks of little squares, some from the local 5 & 10 (Woolworth's?), but many from our old pajamas and dresses and such. I cannot confess what I did with the 3 completed quilts I got when I was young, but I do have several quilt tops that she made and that "someday" I plan to finish.

My grandmother made all kinds of things, but I remember best her hat blocks and dressmakers body that she kept in her attic. What a magical place for me that was. Platform shoes and dresses and real fox stoles complete with head and tail! And ribbons, and ric rac and just so many things to get into. I spent hours up there when I was little. And it was she who taught me to knit.

My mother could do anything. I remember someone saying she even made my dad's tailored suits. She made all my costumes for dance school recitals. And I'm sure she and my grandmother collaborated on the Easter outfits. She could knit, sew, even crochet with her hands. Nice gams, huh!

This is four generations. My mother, Shirley, is standing left and my grandmother, Bubba, on the right. Then, sitting from the left - my Big Sis, Toni, my great-grandmother, Mamaw, and me!

Check us out! Matching outfits complete with hats, socks, capes, and flowers!!

Here we are at my grandmother's condo in Ft. Lauderdale. That's me far left, my mom, and my Big Sis. Not hats, but we do have flowers.

It seems a little funny to me that I associate memories with food and clothes. I can totally remember the outfit I have on, the way it felt (soft and comfortable) and the way I felt in it (very grown up and pretty).


Kate and Crew said...

Really great old pictures! I love looking at old pictures and thinking about how much life has changed since then... but how people really just stay the same, you know? Killer hats too! LOLOL. Ahh... the days of the hat - it's like an old movie.

And tomato hornworms - blech! They ate my tomato plants last year too. I have disgusting pics on my blog showing them. Double blech! Do you spray your plants with BT? It's a good idea to spray them with it often here in FL, even before you see the nasty bugs. And spray often. It's a naturally occuring chemical that isn't harmful to people and good bugs...

Misty said...

I started following you today, my mother-in-law, which is also your big sis, gave Darrell & I your blogspot ID!!